Monday, June 19, 2017

Accordance 11 vs Logos 6 Original Language Study

Good morning everyone,

I'm new to using serious Bible software.  I've been using Olive Tree for many years now and decided to invest into Logos 6 recently after many years of debating how I might make the best use of the tools available for self study.  At this time I'm also looking to study Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Greek.  As a result, I've decided to take a look at how Logos and Accordance compares in this specific area of original language study.

I've known about Accordance for many years, but didn't take a serious look because for a long time it was a Mac only program.  In my research both past and present, I see Accordance getting praise for use in original language study.  However, as I've done research in the last month, I've seen very little written about Accordance 11 compared to Logos 6 in this particular area.  Most of the comparisons I saw were for Accordance 10 and Logos 5.  I'm not sure how significantly the landscapes have changed if at all with these recent releases as it pertains to original language study.

I want to hear from users familiar with both programs to enlighten me about what they like and dislike about Accordance 11 and Logos 6 as it relates to original language study.  I'd like to see specific examples of how the tools are used and why one is considered superior to the other.  I know that Accordance is much faster as a whole and I know Logos 6 has a bigger library of resources, but that's not what I'm interested in discussing today.  

Today, I want to focus on just how these tools are used in the study of original languages and how they differ.  One thing I've already seen is that Accordance as the New English Translation of the Septuagint (NETS) and Logos 6 doesn't.  As a beginner to learning Biblical Hebrew, I'm not sure how big of an issue that is so I'm hear to listen to your input on these items.

I've posed these questions and had this discussion in the Logos forum as well, but was advised by an Accordance user to ask the question here to receive a balanced opinion on the subject.

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