Monday, June 19, 2017

A La Carte (June 19)

Today’s Kindle deals include a number of interesting books, most of them from Crossway.

Every Christian Ought To Be a Good Historian

Have I mentioned how glad I am that Michael Haykin is blogging? “Many in the modern world, sadly even Christians, see the past as little more than this: a tiresome account of a few big names with little wisdom to impart for life today. At best, it may offer a couple of hours of entertainment and diversion via a movie or a novel.”

The Biggest Spider in the World (Video)

Oh my. How do you kill a spider when it appears to be big enough to squash you?

An Unbelieving Missions Leader

Here’s a strange one, and perhaps a sign of the times: “Diocese of Truro advertises for Mission leader, but ‘You do not need to be a practising Christian’.” Baffling.

Fearing Christianity

“It seems that in the western world there is one category of people not particularly allowed to voice an opinion; one category of people that should be denied office at all costs.” And you know who they are, don’t you?

Britain Fears a Culture War

This article seems to go quite nicely with the last one.

Congress Has a Subway (Video)

I had heard rumour of this little route before. Turns out it’s true…

A Model of Courage

You can read this whole article or just read of Adelaide Amelia Louise Theresa Caroline, Her Serene Highness, the Duchess of Saxony and Princess of Saxe-Meiningen. either way, you’ll be blessed.

Flashback: 7 Marks of a False Teacher

False teachers have been present in every era of human history, they have always been a plague and have always been in the business of providing counterfeit truth. While their circumstances may change, their methods remain consistent.

What a preacher is as a Christian is of greater consequences then his natural gifts. —Iain Murray

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