Sunday, June 18, 2017

7 Characteristics Of The Greatest Leaders I Know

These leaders listen to their team, trusting that they, too, bring much to the conversation. If the team’s recommendations differ from these leaders, the leaders are at least willing to continue the conversation. Accomplishing the vision is supreme, even if getting there requires the leaders to reconsider their own strategy.


I’ve had the privilege of working with some phenomenal leaders. In fact, I could write several posts on the different characteristics that have made these leaders so strong. Here, though, are the characteristics I’ve most often seen in the greatest contemporary leaders I’ve known.

  1. Godliness. These men have strong leadership skills, but what first marks them is their walk with God. They pray. They evangelize. They know the Word. Their conversations are continually godly. If for no other reason, you want to follow them because they so clearly know God. To imitate them is to imitate Christ.
  2. Vision. These leaders can speak clearly and passionately about what they believe God wants them to accomplish wherever they serve. They do not hesitate in casting that vision because they’re convinced they are leading in God’s intended direction. Because they walk with God first, it’s easier for their followers to get on board with the vision.
  3. Great Commission passion.
  4. Team commitment.
  5. Teachability and flexibility.
  6. Family commitment.
  7. Sense of humor.

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